Abdul Razzak Kassem


Address P.O.Box: 6564 Damascus - Barza
Telephone +963 11 519-0000
Fax+963 11 519-0099
Email info@dse.sy
Contact Person Osama Hasan
+963 11 519 0000
Website www.dse.sy


    On 01.10.2006 Dr.Al Assad, the President of Syrian Arab Republic issued Decree 55 (Stock Exchange Act) establishing a market for the trade of securities, known as the Damascus Securities Exchange (the Exchange). The Exchange is a public institution. It is self financing although the setup cost and deficit are largely financed by Governmental loans. The intention is ultimately to transfer the Exchange into a shareholding company.
    Damascus Securities Exchange was established to facilitate the investment of financial resources. Adding to it, it was established to provide and facilitate the required capital to expand the economical activities by implementing an appropriate trading environment for the trading of securities.

    RegulatorSyrian Commision on Financial Markets and Securities
    Instrument ListEquity
    Trading Hours/SessionsPre-opening Session10:30  – 11:00
    Opening Session11:00
    Continous Session11:00 – 13:00
    Block Trades Session13:00
    Closing Session13:00 – 13:15
    Order TypesSell Order / Buy Order / Cross Order / Limit  Order / Market Order / AON / Iceberg / Minimum Quantity Order / Day Order / Open Order / GTC / FAK
    Spreads(1-999)=0.50  ,  (1000 < ) =1
    Margin Buying/Short SellingNot Available
    Settlement TypesDVP
    Settlement CycleT+2
    Settlement CurrencySyrian Pounds
    Anti-money laundering RequirementsYes Through Brokerage Firms
    IOSCO MembershipYes (ordinary member)

    Working days
    Country Syria
    Time Zone GMT+3
    Days Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday /