About Apricot Capital, one of the Leading Investment Companies Licensed in Armenia

Sunday, 19 May 2019


For the first time, the international “ConFEAS” conference will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, gathering around 40 international and local speakers from capital market industry. Apricot Capital CJSC, one of the leading investment companies licensed in Armenia, has joined the ConFEAS 2023 Conference as a General Investment Partner! The company offers a wide range of brokerage and asset management services to clients, providing access to the stock markets in Armenia, CIS, USA, Europe, and Asia.

Vachik Gevorgyan, the CEO of Apricot Capital, shared their vision of participating in the conference: “..”


About Apricot Capital

Apricot Capital offers its clients actively managed funds and ETFs with various strategies. We also offer managed accounts tailored for our high net worth clients to meet their individual needs.

All our funds are audited and administered by independent reputable service providers.

Apricot Capital’s experienced team can provide advice to companies on capital structure, corporate strategy issues, consulting and other services related to corporate reorganization. In addition to that we prepare research, conduct in-depth financial analysis and provide general investment recommendations related to securities transactions.