Mohammad Ali Shirazi

Mr. Mohammad Ali Shirazi is appointed as the new CEO of the Iran Fara Bourse securities exchange. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Finance from Tehran University. 

His senior-level experience in holdings and enterprises for over 13 years has evolved him into a business organizer.

He previously was the CEO of Omid Investment Group as well as Saba Investment for 2.5 years. He had also CEO roles in several investment groups including Alborz Investment, BARKAT pharmaceutical group, and Etela Alborz Investment.

In academics society, he has published several financial and investment articles in financial journals such as “Designing an inference engine for an expert system to evaluate and select an investment fund based on the fund’s characteristics“.

He has also translated and published “The complete guide to portfolio construction and management book, by Snopek, Lukasz” into the Persian language.