Dr Konstantin Saroyan was elected as an Independent Board Director of ETS Commodity Exchange

Tuesday, 25 June 2024

During the Annual General Assembly meeting of Shareholders of Eurasian Trade System Commodity Exchange – ETS Commodity Exchange, the biggest Commodity Exchange in Kazakhstan, new board members were elected. Dr Konstantin Saroyan, FEAS Secretary General was elected as an Independent Board Director.

Given the re-election of independent directors, the updated composition of the Board of Directors of ETS now consists of seven members:

  1. Sergey Danov, Moscow Exchange
  2. Ruslan Mukhamedov, representative of shareholders
  3. Kurmmet Orazaev, ETS Commodity Exchange
  4. Alexey Rybnikov, Saint-Petersburg Exchange
  5. Zhanat Musabaev, Representative of Shareholders
  6. Konstantin Saroyan, Independent Director
  7. Yaromir Rabai, Independent Director

Dr. Saroyan commented on his appointment, stating: “I am honored to join the ETS Commodity Exchange as an Independent Board Director. Taking into consideration my experience, I look forward to contributing to the growth and transparency of the exchange, ensuring it ensuring it meets the highest standards of integrity and efficiency.”

The shareholders also considered the issues of early termination of the powers of previous board members and determining the quantitative composition.

It should be noted that the new leadership seeks to continue the development and strengthening of the positions of ETS Commodity Exchange in the market, ensuring a high level of transparency and efficiency in their activities.


About the ETS Commodity Exchange: Established in December 2008 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Eurasian Trade System Commodity Exchange aims to conduct spot bidding of exchange goods.

The bidders on the ETS Exchange are exchange brokers/dealers, concluding exchange transactions both in their own interests and in the interests of customers – participants in the markets of Kazakhstan, Russia, and other foreign states.

The ETS Exchange sees its mission as providing participants in the commodity market with a full set of competitive trade and clearing services that meet international standards, in order to form a fair price for exchange products.


More about the Exchange: https://ets.kz/