FEAS Index

Dow Jones Indexes, a leading global index provider, and the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) have launched Dow Jones FEAS Benchmark Indexes on June 5, 2009.

This is the first time indexes are created to measure the performance of companies across the Euro-Asian region.  The Dow Jones FEAS Indexes are designed to underlie index-linked investment products such as funds and structured products.

The Dow Jones FEAS Indexes are designed to cover 95% of the free-float market capitalization of each country in the respective index. In addition to float-adjusted market capitalization, components are selected based on readily available prices. The indexes are calculated and disseminated in euro and U.S. dollar and weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization.
The Dow Jones FEAS Indexes are rebalanced quarterly when additional FEAS member exchanges will be added.