Tehran Securities Exchange, Tehran Chamber Sign Cooperation Agreement

Friday, 14 June 2024

TSE will make new steps financing local companies in a cooperation with the Tehran Chamber. 

The 16th meeting of the Tehran Chamber (TCCIM)’s representatives was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Goudarzi, CEO of Tehran Securities Exchange (TSE) on Tuesday 11 June 2024, and a memorandum of understanding was signed between TSE and the Tehran Chamber. 

In this memorandum, several grounds of cooperation in the fields of financing public companies, holding joint meetings between chambers of regional countries and regional exchanges, establishing a Green Channel for listing and offering of corporate shares, as well as facilitating the authorization of PE fund licenses, introduced by Tehran Chamber, have been considered.

During the meeting, Mahmoud Goudarzi referred to the increasing inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the country, intaking a considerable volume of liquidity, and proposed applying this capacity as a new window for corporate financing in Iran, as he reminded that a proposal to establish a cryptocurrency financing fund has been provided by TSE to the market’s regulator for approval.

In the end, Goudarzi, discussed the Exchange’s plans to help an air transport platform’s listing in the stock exchange, and asked the Tehran Chamber to prioritize the admission of digital economy businesses and startups in the capital market.