Ali Hassani

Mr. Ali Hassani is an active member of Iran Capital Market since his early working experience for 27 years. During his work experience in various areas of Iran capital market, he is a well experienced and a valuable expert in this field and especially in Technology related concepts of capital markets.

In August 2023 he was assigned as the CEO of Tehran securities and Exchange Technology Company (TSETMC) which is the ICT Services Provider for Iran Capital Market, including TSE, IFB, IME and Energy Bourse. Before that he was the vice president and member of the Managing Board of the same company for 2 Years.

In the last 27 Years he had a brilliant resume in the different fields and companies active in Iran Capital Market. Some of his positions are: Member of SandBox Committee of The Financial Center of Iran, Member of the Capital Market Risk Monitoring Committee, Member of Electronic Health of Iran’s Capital Market Promotion Commission, CEO of Semat Samane, IT Manager of Central Securities Depository of Iran, Advising to the managing director of TSETMC and Stock Market Manger of the country’s regions.

It can be said that his experiences are somehow divided into 14 years focused on depository and clearing House and 13 years in Trading Systems and related knowledge.

About his university education: he holds the bachelor of Hardware Engineering, Master of IT Management and also MBA of Capital Market.

He holds professional capital market certificates although his original experience is focused on ICT of capital market and expertise in technical dimensions.