Socrates Lazaridis

Socrates Lazaridis is Chief Executive Officer of Hellenic Exchanges-Athens Stock Exchange and
the subsidiaries Athens Exchange Clearing House and Hellenic Central Securities Depository.
He is also Chairman of the Board of the Stock Markets Steering Committee, Member of the Board
of the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Board of the Council on
Competitiveness of Greece and Vice Chairman of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS).
He joined the Athens Exchange Group in 1994 and held several positions at the Central
Securities Depository, the "Systems Development and Support of Capital Market" (ASYK SA) and
the Athens Exchange, while he also served as member of the Board at Athens Derivatives
Exchange and the Athens Derivatives Exchange Clearing House. He was also member of the
Board of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, member of the Board of the LinkUp Markets
and of the Federation of the European Securities Exchanges (FESE).
Born in Athens in 1962, he studied Economics at the Department of Economics in Athens
University and continued his studies for an MSc (Econ) at Queen Mary College of London.