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Date: 23.10.2019

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges holds 28th General Assembly and Working Committee Meeting in Muscat, Oman


Muscat, 2019:  Today, the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) announces the 28th Annual General Assembly and Working Committee Meeting in Muscat, Oman.

This year, the event is hosted by FEAS Member Muscat Securities Market. The one-day event has brought together the executives of the stock exchanges and CSDs of the members of the federation. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the ongoing work of FEAS and its agenda.

Having Research and Task Forces as two basic pillars of FEAS strategy, today’s Working Committee discussed and accepted the results of four Task Forces about Investor Relations, Financial Literacy, Rules & Regulations, and Sustainable Stock Exchanges.

The following reports was introduced to the WoCo as a part of FEAS Secretariat’s researches:
Trading and Listing Rules – FEAS Secretariat presented  the comparative analysis of FEAS member stock exchanges’ trading and listing rules by combining the business processes into a comparable matrices. From now on each and every member of FEAS has a vision and details of each other’s rules that can be a great ground for regulation synchronization and harmonization.

For the third consecutive year, FEAS Secretariat is preparing specially designed Business Effectiveness Report (BER), comprehensive research of financial and operational activities of FEAS member exchanges, and their comparison in terms of efficiency.

New data mining project on market structure was introduced to the Working Committee.   

Mr. Farid Saleh, EGX Executive Chairman, Chairman of the Arab Federation of Exchanges, and FEAS Working Committee Chair said: “During the WoCo meeting in Muscat, reports covering issues of significant importance to FEAS members were discussed.  Five Reports on Financial Literacy, Sustainability, Trading & Listing Mechanisms, Investor Relations, and Rules & Regulations Handbook were approved to be published through FEAS channels.  I would like to express my appreciation to FEAS participating members in the WoCo for their efforts and dedication. We hope that these efforts will help in the development of efficient and competitive markets in the region”.

Mr. Konstantin Saroyan, FEAS Secretary General said: “The Working Committee Meeting in Muscat discussed the important issues and ongoing projects of FEAS members, and together with our members we came up with the fundamental solutions that will help our member exchanges and CSDs to benefit. We thank all our members who were there with us and who participated in these fruitful discussions. We also would like to thank our member Muscat Securities Market for being a host of our meeting. FEAS will continue working hard for its members and other stakeholders to reach the mutually beneficial goals.” 



About FEAS: The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) was established on 16 May 1995 with 12 founding members. 

The purpose of the Federation is to contribute to the cooperation, development, support and promotion of capital markets in the Euro-Asian Region (i.e. Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean Basin).

Currently there are 38 members. For information about FEAS, its members and activities, please visit


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