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Date: 09.03.2022

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges holds “Meet the Market with FEAS | The Omani Capital Market” Virtual Event

Online Event, 2022:  On March 9th, 2022, The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS), alongside with its members Muscat Stock Exchange and Muscat Clearing & Depository, held the “Meet the Market with FEAS | The Omani Capital Market” virtual event.

This event was the eight one in the Meet the Market with FEAS event series, and the first one in the year 2022. The purpose of the initiative is to organize virtual Meetings/Roadshows for FEAS members’ markets to raise awareness about the market structures, operations, processes and benefits, and give the answer to the question “Why to invest in a specific country”? 

Around 100 participants have gathered for the one-day online event, who represented Stock Exchanges, Investment Banks, Brokerage Firms, International Corporations, Asset Managers, Funds as well as local Market Participants, spanning the world from Asia to Europe, Middle East to Africa, and more.

The opening remarks were made by FEAS Secretary General Dr. Konstantin Saroyan and Deputy Secretary General Ms. Armenuhi Hovakimyan.

Mr. Haitham Al Salmi, CEO of Muscat Stock Exchange and Chairman of Muscat Clearing & Depository presented the Omani Capital Market and answered the participants’ questions. He presented during his presentation a brief history of Muscat stock market (MSX) from 1971 to 2021,  capital market sector and he briefed the audience about the Exchange’s instruments. He highlighted MSX Performance in five years and talked about the market cap & the turnover for the year 2021. Further, Mr. Haitham spoke about the investors trading which includes the value of shares bought / sold by Omanis investors and Non-Omanis investors. He also talked about MSX companies financial performance 2021 compared to 2020 as well as the ESG, which  stands for environmental, social, and governance. He stated that Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Finally, Mr. Haitham spoke about MSX access and future plans. 

Dr. Konstantin Saroyan, FEAS Secretary General said: “I would like to thank Mr. Haitham Al Salmi for introducing us to the Omani Capital Market in such an engaging way. 

This is the eight time we are meeting to discover FEAS Members Markets, and I am glad that even in these uncertain times, we, together with our members, stand for our mission to promote and develop the cooperation and collaboration of capital markets. Thanks to all participants for being with us today and contributing to the success of this event”.

Mr. Haitham Al Salmi, CEO of Muscat Stock Exchange and Chairman of Muscat Clearing & Depository said: “We express our gratitude to the FEAS for organizing such a useful event and providing a great platform, where all FEAS members can share information about their markets. I believe that these types of events should be continued in the following years. They are doing great bringing FEAS region Markets into the highlight. Wish that was an informative presentation.


About FEAS: The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) was established on 16 May 1995 with 12 founding members. The purpose of the Federation is to contribute to the cooperation, development, support and promotion of capital markets in the Euro-Asian Region (i.e. Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean Basin).

Currently there are 39 members. For information about FEAS, its members and activities, please visit


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