13 Stock Exchanges’ Representatives In Cairo To Review EGX

Monday, 23 March 2015

In a step that reflects the Egyptian Exchange (EGX)’ movements to consolidate its position regionaly, EGX was selected by the Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) to provide training and technical support program to the officials of a number of European, Asian and African stock markets over 2 weeks to clarify EGX’ developments, where trainees were engaged in an intensive program to study the Egyptian trading system aspects.

Dr. Mohammad Omran, EGX chairman pointed that the rapid evolution of the Egyptian Exchange in the recent years led that many exchanges request to review the Egyptian experience, stating that EGX host to this training program clearly reflects its move to the step of transferring expertise to other markets.

Omran, who was elected as FEAS president, said “We are trying through technical support programs to confirm EGX’ image as one of the most important and advanced emerging markets.” In addition to the expertise transfer, one of our main objectives is to show the world the degree of stability enjoyed by Egypt recently, expressing pleasure that the audience agreed that the visit surprised them with regard to the internal situation’ stability in Egypt away from the image transferred by the world’s media.

Omran called the European, Asian and African stock markets’ delegations to ring the opening bell of EGX’ trading session, and it was attended by Bahrain Exchange chairman who is visiting Egypt at the same time to review EGX’ experience and how to get benefit of it.