Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Held An Introductory Offer On The Abu Dhabi Government For The Security Of Information (ADSIC

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

ADX information technology Dept. held  a presentation yesterday to meet the definitions of the language program of Abu Dhabi’s Government information security (ADSIC), by the presence of a group of managers, officials and staff from different government organizations  and in addition to  a number of ADX officials and staff.

For his part, said Rashid Al Baloushi, the Deputy Chief Executive  – Director of Operations in ADX: “Abu Dhabi’s government of information security meeting (ADSIC) comes within the framework of practicing excellence programs among Abu Dhabi’s institutions, bodies and government departments, represented in participation and cooperation of ADX in its ongoing quest and diligently to activate the organization from time to time in the mechanisms of its aim of transforming partnerships institutional entered into the market with institutions at both local, regional or outside by bringing benefits to the concerned authorities to gain and exchange practical and applied experiences to the experts hands, to embodiment the slogan of Abu Dhabi’s Government 2030 plan within the scope of the totalitarian government departments and institutions through supplying our bodies in both local and federal authorities in the field of information security”.

He emphasized in his talk on the total commitment of ADX in coordination with the concerned authorities and the provision of specialist support likability in the field for of the community to make them able to contribute assigning highest standards of services quality and achieve excellence in all provided services to the targeted group, in order to advance the progress and prosperity in the country.

Adding: “We look forward to achieving positive results through supplying induction in promoting awareness of the importance of applying security practices of information according to the plan, describing this initiative as an incentive to exert more effort and giving and creativity in the application program of Abu Dhabi’s Government of to secure information (ADSIC), particularly as we live in the world of work depends on the accuracy of information’s, speed and reaching recipients and researchers in addition to privacy,  as we are all aware of the meaning of term information and breach caused by such acts by those who abuse irresponsible intentionally or unintentionally in the interests of various forms.

Audience has received important issues of language programs of the Abu Dhabi’s Government to secure information (ADSIC) specifications, standards and what defined the similarities and differences in their practices, by  Illyas Kooliyankal, first officer safety information in ADX IT DEPT. –  focused on the case study for the ADX on the ISO (27001) of information security recently, explaining the criteria applied by the market and qualified for the certificate explaining the benefits earned by ADX as the first financial market in the region to be certified ISO (27001), This is in addition to offering a number of important topics in this aspect.