Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Hosts The Annual General Assembly Of The Federation Of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Stock exchanges need to think long term and focus on developing their infrastructure, said Tom Healy, Chief Executive of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

Speaking at the opening of the Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) Annual General Assembly in Abu Dhabi, Mr Healy called on stock exchanges to work together, particularly during a time of financial upheaval, to develop their product offerings and attract investors back to the stock markets.

We need to think long-term,said Mr Healy. The world will recover from the current crisis, and its stock exchanges must be ready for when it does. We need to apply the highest standards of regulation and transparency and we need to continue to develop our markets by introducing new and innovative products, he continued.

Mr Healy went on to say what an honour it was for the Abu Dhabi exchange to host an international delegation of exchanges from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia and talked to them about the role ADX has to play in the development of Abu Dhabis dynamic economy.