ADX Launches Four Institutions Satisfaction Surveys

Monday, 28 June 2010

  • “The surveys provide ADX with clear guidelines for its path of development,” Rashed Al Bloushi
  • The Exchange Calls Upon all Participants to Add their Remarks and Suggestions for Improvements

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) today announced the launch of four satisfaction surveys targeting all institutions involved in the trading process; namely listed companies, brokerages, custodians and registrars, as part of the Abu Dhabi government’s vision and drive for excellence.

“ ADX’s genuine concern for concluding these surveys rises from the directives of the leadership and the objectives of Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, in addition to the priorities set by the exchange’s strategic plans, to enhance the performance and to support ADX’s standings regionally and internationally,” commented Rashed Al Baloushi, ADX’s Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Operations.

Last Sunday, ADX has launched an Investor Satisfaction Survey through its website allowing for the maximum possible number of participants from the 900,000 investors registered at the exchange, as the electronic link will enable ADX management to produce survey results based on the broadest feedback possible.

“Institutional surveys differ than the investors survey, as these former encompass all the registered institutions such as totality of the 66 listed companies for the Listed Companies Satisfaction Survey, reflecting the importance that these institutions enjoy with ADX’s priorities, and ensuring success in identifying all the strengths and weaknesses related to the operation of these institutions at ADX,” Al Baloushi explained.

The exchange’s Deputy Chief Executive revealed that ADX is encouraging all participants to add their remarks and suggestions for the development and improvement of all the services offered, ensuring the success of these surveys to reflect an accurate picture for the difficulties facing customers, and to receive new ideas needed in ADX’s plans and programs to cater for the practical needs and requirements of customers.

The Listed Companies Satisfaction Survey includes a comprehensive set of questions seeking the evaluation of these companies for ADX’s services related to supporting exposure and compliance with the federal rules and regulations, as well as technical services related to shareholders registries, corporate actions and information.

The survey also seeks the appraisal of the listed companies for the business environment offered by the exchange, and whether it provides for appropriate financial alternatives and investment opportunities with a well-organized and legal framework that ensures integrity, transparency and disclosure.

Meanwhile, the Brokers Satisfaction Survey addresses vital issues related to the performance of brokerages and the quality of services they provide for their customers through the exchange including the applied systems and procedures for trading, settlement and clearance as well as the efficiency of the technical support provided by ADX, and the proficiency of the surveillance and monitoring systems.

All the surveys include a number of common factors, such as the inquiry about the efficiency of the system for receiving and handling complaints and the quality of the communication mediums and channels with ADX.