ADX to host annual meeting of Arab Federation of Exchanges

Monday, 17 September 2018

bu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) will host the annual meetings of the Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE) in Abu Dhabi on 16th-17th September in the presence of a number of CEOs of member stock exchanges and general managers of clearing settlement and depository centres in the Arab world.
The two-day meetings will discuss issues and aspects related to the development of mechanisms of action at Arab stock exchanges, as well as ways of promoting Arab financial markets and benefiting from the experience of the member exchanges.

On this occasion, Rashed Al Beloushi, chief executive officer of the ADX, said that the selection of Abu Dhabi to host the annual meetings of the AFE is a recognition of the role ADX plays in consolidating cooperation between the Arab stock exchanges.
He pointed out that stock markets in the Arab world comprise a significant number of emerging and promising stock markets which provide various opportunities for investment, thus the need for consolidated cooperation between member exchanges.
He added that fostering collective work between Arab financial markets is a necessity to promote and enhance the ability of Arab stock markets to attract more investments.