AIX 2021 Awards event honors most active brokers

Wednesday, 2 March 2022


Astana International Exchange (“AIX”, the “Exchange”) has summed up the results of trading activities in 2021 and announced the most active brokers and exchange members in 9 categories.

  1. Best Broker in Equity Instruments (with the highest turnover of AIX trades in equities and GDRs in 2021) – Freedom Finance JSC
  2. Best Broker in Debt Instruments (with the highest turnover  of bonds traded on the AIX in 2021) – SkyBridge Invest JSC
  3. For the Development of Retail Segment (for contribution to development of new retail products, including AIX Qazaq Index (AIXQI), and the highest trading turnover  in Exchange-Traded Notes for 2021)– Halyk Finance JSC
  4. Best Corporate Banking Team (for the highest number of listed securities on the Exchange in 2021) – Jusan Invest JSC
  5. Breakthrough of the Year (for significant increase in activity on the AIX, including placement of public debt instruments, increase in trading operations, expansion of market coverage with the brokerage App) – Jusan Invest JSC
  6. Driving AIX’s Awareness in China region (for promotion of the AIX and Kazakhstani capital market in China and Hong Kong) – China International Capital Corporation Limited
  7. For the Promotion of Investment Opportunities in Kazakhstan (for raising awareness and exposure  of the Kazakhstani securities market for institutional investors  of foreign countries) – Renaissance Capital
  8. Best Custodian by Volume (for the highest turnover  in custodial transactions at  the AIX CSD Exchange Depositary for 2021) – RBK Bank JSC
  9. Most Active Custodian (for the largest number of custodial transactions with the AIX CSD Exchange Depositary in 2021) – Halyk Bank JSC

AIX CEO Renat Bekturov noted:

“Our mutual goal is to develop deep capital markets, to play a key role in financing economic growth and financial stability of Kazakhstan. We greatly appreciate the commitment and efforts of the AIX trading members to enhance the effectiveness of the capital market. On our side, we continue to improve financial literacy among retail investors and focus on developing a robust and efficient infrastructure with fair and open access for  all  AIX participants and to boost liquidity by making it safer and cheaper to trade and hold market securities under the AIFC regime.”

AIX results as of 1 February 2021:

  • The official AIX list includes 136 issues of securities of 89 different issuers, including 2 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and 16 exchange-traded notes (ETNs).
  • Debt capital raised amounted to  $1.27 billion, while  equity capital equaled $321.4 million.
  • Total equity market capitalization of companies listed on AIX (Kazatomprom, Polymetal, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Ferro Alloy Resources Limited, Kcell, Bank CenterCredit, exceeds $48 billion.
  • 29 trading members, including brokers from Kazakhstan, Russia, China and European countries.
  • More than 160 thousand investor accounts in the AIX Central Depository