Amendments in the tariff of fees

Monday, 12 January 2009

On 16th December 2008 BSE-Sofia Board of Directors adopted a decision to amend the tariff of fees, collected by BSE-Sofia, in view of the complicated situation on the capital markets. Therefore, BSE-Sofia introduced temporary discounts of the fees for certain types of deals and/or for certain market participants in an effort to stimulate trading. The changes are as follows:
1. Temporary discounts of the fees for transaction of shares in the timeframe 01.01. – 31.03.2009, as the fees drop down from 0.083% to 0.08% (exclusive of VAT). The discount is valid for all transactions executed on the markets organised by the Exchange at values below BGN 25,000,000. The fees for transactions at values exceeding BGN 25,000,000 remain unchanged.
2. BSE-Sofia will refund 5% of the sums paid as per chapter IV of the Tariff of Fees to the investment intermediaries, whose transaction fees in 2009 exceed BGN 150,000 (exclusive of VAT) on an annual basis. The refund will be made till 31.01.2010.
3. The fees for registration of issues and for maintenance of the issues on the markets organised by the Exchange will also be amended. The amendment is inflation determined and is the first one for the period of existence of the Unofficial Market.
All tariff amendments will come into force on 01.01.2009.