Amman Stock Exchange is a full member at the WFE

Sunday, 28 October 2007

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) has accepted the full membership of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) during its annual meeting, which was held in Shanghai/China between October 14-15,2007.The Chairman of the ASE, Mr. Mohammad S. Hourani, and the CEO, Mr. Jalil Tarif participated in the meeting. Mr. Hourani gave a speech as gratitude of the Federation board and directors for their trust in the ASE, and he assured that the ASE would always adhere to the international standards. He added that the ASE’s full membership came as a result of the developments of Jordan capital market in general and the technical, legislative developments of ASE in particular, besides abiding by transparency and disclosure principles.

Mr. Tarif assured that since the ASE was accepted as an affiliate member in 2004, it worked hard to meet the Federation’s requirements and a delegation has made an official visit to ASE on the purpose of inspecting the compliance to the international principles of the securities markets. The inspectors presented a report to the Federation’s Board on which the ASE was elected a full member at the WFE. The report praised the advanced technical and surveillance levels of the ASE and the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) efficiency in increasing the transparency, disclosure and investors protection.


This membership is considered an indicator about the investment climate in the members markets to the investors around the world, as many investors prefer to invest in member markets of the WFE, which are distinguished by a high caliber.

The ASE’s full membership will contribute to its ability to benefit from other members experiences through mutual cooperation. Whereas the WFE is an important reference in the field of securities in regard to the principles of trading, clearance, disclosure, brokers and investors protection. The WFE is also the biggest world assembling of stock. The WFE consists of 58 members from different countries constituting 97% of market capitalization of the entire world exchanges such as New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Euronext, OMX Exchanges, Tokyo Stock Exchange and Germany Stock Exchange.