Amman Stock Exchange: Project Of Updating The Electronic Trading

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) represented by Mr. Marwan Al-Bataineh, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Nader Azar, the Acting CEO and Eng. Adel Abu Assaf, the Head of Information and Communication Technology Department participated in the UTP-Hybrid Launch Workshop, held in Paris / France during 16 -17 June, 2014. The Workshop was attended by the ASE and Muscat Securities Market, Beirut Stock Exchange and Bourse De Tunis. During the workshop all the details related to the project such as signing final contracts, and discussing practical procedures to develop the new system were discussed.
In addition to that the project of updating the current electronic trading system to the new system (UTP-Hybrid) is a joint project of four stock exchanges mentioned above, the new system provides many technical and functional features regarding trading in securities such as stocks and bonds which are currently traded. This system also enables to trade new financial instruments such as derivatives and futures; note that it is expected to complete the project by the first half of 2017.