AMX has launched a new trading system in the market – AMXTrader

Tuesday, 21 March 2023


On March 20, AMXTrader, a new trading system has been successfully launched by Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX). The new trading system will allow market participants to develop and implement new types of exchange products and tools. It will provide additional flexibility to market participants by allowing implementation of multiple functions on a single platform.

AMXTrader was released after being actively tested by the participants. It is fully replacing the old RTS-Armex Plaza system.

Considering its innovative solutions, the new system is an affordable and effective tool for the trade members, sponsored market access clients, and other market participants. For the first time, individuals are able to make transactions directly via the trading platform. AMXTrader is providing an opportunity for its users to trade in both primary and secondary markets at the same time, in a single package.

In the new system, the orders will be based off of the security price and not the yield – according to international standards. Thanks to having multiple system modules, AMXTrader allows for separation of repo deals, negotiated deals, and double-side auctions. A convenient filtration system is offered, for the participants to quickly find and work on whatever orders and deals they need to amend. AMXTrader has a new messaging system, which allows the participants to be informed on whatever is happening in their workspace.

The AMXTrader provides participants with the following benefits and opportunities:

  • To have a unified system for the organization of foreign exchange trading, auctions and trading in the primary and secondary markets of government and corporate securities.
  • Possibility of development and implementation of new types of stock exchange products and tools.
  • The ability to directly connect to the trading system of exchange members’ clients, submit applications and conclude transactions.
  • Integrate new features and software applications, including international, stock trading systems.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new trading system, the AMX website is constantly updating the FAQ page.

The new trading platform will be a new incentive not only for the activation of the foreign exchange market, but also for the implementation of new tools and mechanisms in Armenian financial market. AMX continues to be committed to the modernization of the regulated securities market, currency exchange platforms and new services.