Announcement Semiannual indices of Iraq Stock Exchange of 2023

Monday, 26 June 2023


 Iraq Stock Exchange organized the last trading session of the first half of 2023 on Monday 26 June 2023, and according to the law no (74) of 2014, Iraq Stock Exchange present the disclosure of the first half indices of 2023:

1. Organizing (117) trading session>

2. (87) Traded companies out of (102) listed companies.

3. No of volume (380) billion shares, up by (%6) over the first half of last year 2022.

4. No of value (375) billion shares, up by (%1) over the first half of last year 2022.

5. ISX60 price index closed in the first session of 2023 (591.89) and closed in the last session of June 2023 on (667), thus it refers to an increasing by (%13) from the closing of the first trading session of 2023.

6. The first trading session after the Eid will be July 3. 2023

The most important highlights of Iraq Stock Exchange:

1. Achieved the first place as the best exchange of daily trading for the number of traded shares (average daily trading volume) of 2022 according to the international standards used by the Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM).

2. (57) listed companies submitted the Financial Statement and the annual disclosure of 2022.

3. (32) Banking companies approved the cumulative voting on their GA meetings for the first time in Iraq.