Astana International Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of the AIX Qazaq Index

Friday, 2 July 2021


Astana International Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of the AIX Qazaq Index (“AIXQI”), which measures the performance of the shares of Kazakhstan linked companies. AIXQI is a market-capitalization weighted index with maximum weight cap.

AIX Index is comprised of Equity and GDR securities of 8 Kazakhstani and Kazakhstan linked companies traded on AIX, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange. Kazakhstani companies and Kazakhstan linked include those either registered in Kazakhstan or whose business income is generated partially or fully in Kazakhstan or substantial portion of operational activity is in Kazakhstan. The AIXQI was launched with base value 1,000.00 points as of July 1st, 2021. The AIXQI comes with its own methodology, which is available to the public, and an ad hoc Index Committee will oversee its governance. It was developed by Halyk Finance JSC commissioned by AIX.

Renat Bekturov, CEO of AIX, stated:
“The AIX Qazaq Index is designed to reflect performance of the most liquid shares and it is expected to become a benchmark for the Kazakhstan capital market. We believe it will serve both international and local investors as a reliable barometer that shows the overall conditions of the market and will serve as a launchpad for the creation of new investment solutions.”

Farkhad Okhonov, CEO of Halyk Finance, stated:
“Halyk Finance has been partnering with AIX in a number of areas since 2018. And the development of this new Index is yet another product of our collaboration that will enhance transparency and efficiency of Kazakhstan securities market. As an investment manager, we are highly convinced that the launch of the index will form a solid ground for further development of new investment products and increase the capital inflow to the local securities market.”

Base currency for the Index is Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT). The Index price data, constituents and weights will be published once per day initially based on previous day closing prices on the AIX website under a dedicated section.