At the End of November: Monthly Trade Value in IME Hits 1,130 Million USD

Monday, 4 December 2017

According to the report by the IME’s International Affairs and PR, during the last month, the oil and petrochemical trading floor of IME played host to trading of 1,119,092 MT of commodities worth more than 604 million USD.
On this trading floor, more than 362,737 MT of bitumen, 230,851 MT of polymer products and 111,634 MT of chemical products, 292,050 MT of VB feed stock, 77,500 MT of lube cut oil, 34,830 MT of sulfur, 4,057 MT of insulation, 1,500 MT of slaps waxes and 3,933 MT of base oil and slack waxes were traded by customers.
The metal and mineral trading floor witnessed trading over 655,323 MT of commodities worth more than 464.7 billion USD. On this trading floor 521,782 MT of steel, 19,000 MT of copper, 460 MT of molybdenum concentrates, 21 MT of precious metals concentrates, 50 kg of gold bullion, 60 MT of zinc, 110,000 MT of iron ore, 2,500 MT of direct reduced iron as well as 1,200 MT of aluminum and 300 MT of coke were traded by customers.
The report declares that the agricultural trading floor witnessed trading of more than 200,411 MT of commodities worth 49.6 million USD. Based on the report, 1,203,000 day old chicks, 193,250 MT of wheat, 50 MT of sugar, 5,859 MT of maize and 50 MT of rice were traded on this trading floor.
The side market of IME experienced trading of 2,300 MT of palm oil, 2,000 MT of potassium (potassium chloride), 2,097 MT of metal scrape, 1,000 MT of frozen meat, 25 MT of used locomotive engine oil, 20 MT of polymeric methylene di-phenyl diisocyanate, 18 MT of pure methylene diphenylene diisocyanate, 900 MT of polyester thread grade A, 40 MT of polyester thread grade WP, 16 MT of aniline and 6 MT of empty barrels.