Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group) publishes its Monthly Statistics Bulletin

Friday, 7 September 2018

Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group) publishes its Monthly Statistics Bulletin for August 2018. Summary of basic statistical information for August 2018:

Total Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) capitalization closed up at €41.17 billion, decreased by 3.6% since the previous month. In case that HFSF was not counted there was a decrease of 3.3%.
Capital inflows from foreign investors in the Greek capital, during August, less outflows.
Participation of foreign investors in the total market capitalization reached 66.4% compared to 66.8% at the end of previous month, decreased by 0.6%. In case the participation of HFSF capitalization is counted (€1,487.27 million or 3.6%) the participation of foreign investors amounts to 64.0% compared to 64.1% at the end of previous month decreased by 0.2%.
Total turnover €0.80 billion (increased by 45.4% compared to the previous month and decreased by 11.1% compared to the same month of the previous year).
Total number of securities transferred due to settlement of stock exchange transactions amounted at 423,634,646 items increased by 6.6% compared to last month (397,347,172) and decreased by 36.9% compared to August 2017 (671,288,140 items).
Foreign investors in August 2018 constituted 60.7% of total turnover.
Active investors’ Accounts number reached 13.90 thousand (previous month: 12.58 thousand).
584 New investors’ Accounts (previous month: 590 Accounts).
Losses in the price of ATHEX Composite Share Price Index by 4.2% since the end of previous month.