Athens Exchange Group: Successful Completion Of Dress Rehearsal

Monday, 11 December 2017

Following the announcement of the ATHEX Stock Markets Steering Committee regarding the Amendment of the ATHEX Exchange Rulebook and the concomitant modifications of the Trading Model of the ATHEX Markets through the ATHEX Resolutions, we inform you about the successful completion of the Members’ Dress Rehearsal for the systems’ readiness check.
Therefore, starting from Monday 11/12/2017:
The New Trading System OASIS (v5.0) will be installed in the Production Environment
The trading segments “Low Dispersion” and “Under Deletion” will be deleted
The shares traded in the said segments will be transferred in the trading segments, whose criteria were fulfilled by them during the last review, prior to the amendment coming in force.
Until Friday 15/12/2017, all Trading Members should declare the Algorithms they might be using.