Athens Stock Exchange welcomes CNL CAPITAL

Friday, 10 August 2018

The Athens Stock Exchange welcomed today CNL CAPITAL on the occasion of the listing of its shares for trading in the Main Market of the Stock Exchange.

Panagiotis Lekkas, Chairman and Nikolaos Chloros, Vice-Chairman & CEO of CNL CAPITAL were the ones to ring the traditional opening bell during the opening ceremony of the Athens Stock Exchange.

Mr. Socrates Lazaridis, CEO of the Athens Exchange Group, welcomed the company to the Stock Exchange, noting that: «We welcome today CNL Capital in the Main Market of the Stock Exchange. The listing of its shares demonstrates not only the anticipated culmination of the successful completion of a public offering, which is the first for our Market after four years, but it is also the first time that the institution of Venture Capital Companies is being used.
Venture Capital Companies are an investment tool designed to serve as a link between investors and the capital needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises and offer the advantage of risk spreading.
Our wish to CNL Capital is that, by following its investment policy with consistency and effectiveness, it will contribute in promoting this investment tool. In fact, it is interesting to point out how European Policy has focused in recent years in seeking and highlighting tools which can effectively transfer capital to small and medium-sized enterprises, by making the most of the capital market”.

Mr. Charalampos Gotsis, Chairman of the Hellenic Capital Commission, had the following message to convey: “The listing of CNL, a Venture Capital Company, on the Main Market, is yet more good news for the Greek capital market.
The contribution of Venture Capital Companies in general, and CNL more specifically, in the growth of small dynamic companies through the capital it makes available, is critical, mainly due to the multiplier effect which the diffusion of capital to many enterprises has.
It is, so to speak, a driver for the utilisation of bond issues by SMEs, which contribute in the much needed by our country growth of production and employment”.

Mr. Panagiotis Lekkas, Chairman of CNL Capital further pointed out: “A milestone for the further growth of CNL Capital is the listing of its shares in the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange. As a multi-shareholder company from our start, we believe that the Stock Exchange is our natural habitat and we look forward to its contribution towards achieving our business goals.
We steadfastly and persistently continue to implement our corporate vision, which is none other than to be a strategic partner for growing Greek companies and a leading investment choice for the shareholders seeking attractive and predictable yields.
We would like to thank everyone for your trust in us, and we promise to continue to honour this trust.