ATHEX ESG Data Portal: The New Digital Platform for ESG Disclosures

Tuesday, 17 October 2023


The Athens Exchange Group, as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance transparency and disclosure and promote sustainable investments in the Greek capital market, announces the launch of the ATHEX ESG Data Portal, a new digital ESG data collection tool.
The development of the ATHEX ESG Data Portal aims to digitize all the processes related to the collection and submission of ESG information from companies to ATHEX.
The new ATHEX ESG Data Portal was developed in collaboration with ResNovae – Sustainability & Investment Consultants and it is powered by the ESGenius! The Sustainability OS.
The ATHEX ESG Data Portal will initially be available to ATHEX listed companies for data entry. In the next phase, by the end of 2023, the ESG data will be accessible through digital services to investors, analysts, and other interested parties.
The new portal will act as a central ESG data repository for Greek listed and non-listed companies, as well as for investors seeking standardized and, therefore, easily comparable information related to the companies’ ESG initiatives.
This new initiative is part of the Athens Exchange Group’s efforts to mobilize the ecosystem on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, in line with its institutional role in the Greek capital market. These include, among others, ATHEX’s participation in the United Nations’ “Sustainable Stock Exchanges” initiative, the publication of the “ATHEX ESG Reporting Guide”, the creation of the “ATHEX ESG Index” and the information hub “ATHEX BONDS GREENet,” as well as the organization of a series of seminars entitled “ESG Executive Course.”
For more information about the new ATHEX ESG Data Portal, please visit link.