Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BBVB)

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Under the initiative of the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BBVB) on October, 19-21 in Azerbaijan took place the second meeting of information and marketing services representatives of the CIS International Association of Exchanges members, on which have taken part representatives of currency  stock and commodity exchanges of six countries – Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan. Participants of the meeting have exchanged experiences in the field of distribution exchange quoted information in a mode of real time, developments of information-analytical systems technologies and use of web-technologies. In line with it, had been considered features of new exchange information projects, stipulated for implementation. Special interest has caused the review of the existing practice of calculation and distribution of exchange indexes, and also questions of efficiency of advertising of exchange activity. All these and others not less important and interesting questions were discussed in a context of the further stimulations of growth of information and analytical products sales.