Baku SE Future Outlook 2007

Thursday, 11 January 2007

In 2007, BSE plans to apply many innovations to its trading activity. Next year a new trading-settlement complex is expected to be applied. Currently the Baku Stock Exchange is conducting negotiations with foreign companies specialized in this sphere.


The Azeri securities market generally becomes more and more attractive, and therefore in 2007 it is envisaged for issuers from the non-financial sector to enter the market.


Another important event for the Azeri government securities market is the preparation of the program for the placement of middle- and long-term government bonds. This program is currently being discussed with the government. The expected parameters of these bonds will be: a turnover period 1-5 years, an issue volume – $100 mln., the type of bonds coupon bonds, discount bonds, deep discount bonds.  


Next year transactions volumes on NBA s Notes and Ministry of Finance s T-bills are forecasted to grow. Aiming to increase liquidity of the government securities market, BSE is working on the mechanisms of partially and completely unsecured transactions, marginal trading and deferred settlements.