Banja Luka SE Future Outlook 2008

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

BANJA LUKA SE Future Outlook




In 2008 the BLSE plans to:


  • foster implementation of national corporate governance  standards;

  • introduce new market instruments on the trading,  such as long term government and municipal bonds;

  • encourage listings of successful limited liability companies on the stock exchange market;

  • further develop relations with the issuers listed on the stock exchange and promote benefits of listing on higher market segments;

  • support to the development of open ended funds through education and promotion of their roles on the capital market

  • increase visibility of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange market by providing data-feed to the world known Vendors;

  • promote cooperation with the stock exchanges from the region and other part of the World;

  • continue with educational and promotional activities (International Conference of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange);

  • introduce upgraded version of trading system which will further improve flexibility of trading and

  • launch fix protocol.