BBVB 4th Qtr 2006

Friday, 12 January 2007

In 2006, the BBVB has achieved the greatest volume of the trades for the last  thirteen-year period of activity. On results of the last year the total revolution of BBVB has exceeded 1.715 billion manat, that in a dollar equivalent makes about $1.940 billion. More than 98% of transactions are registered in the currency section of BBVB – 1224 transactions, the average volume of each in a dollar equivalent had exceeded 1.554 million. It is at 2.83 times more than the similar parameter of 2005. The total volume of the trades on USD in Bourse E-system of trades – BEST made 1682.23 million manats ($1.902 billion), and on such tools as EUR/AZN and RUR/AZN has in aggregate made 521.83 thousand manats. In total in the last year in BEST 486 trading sessions were carried out in which as a whole 35 banks have taken part.


74 transactions are registered in the credit section of BBVB in 2006 the volume of which in manat equivalent has made 32.994 million. In the organized interbank credit market ( ICM), functioning within the framework of BEST, the average rate of banking loans on manat tools has made 13.5156 %, on dollar credits – 12.6781%. On the data for the December, 30, 2006, the average rate on accommodation of 90-day’s credits (BakIBOR – Baku Interbank Offered Rate), counted up by the exchange on the basis of applications of markets – makers OICM, has made on manats – of 15,59 % annual, and on dollar credits of 15,77 % annual. In comparison with the parameter on the end of December 2005, index BakIBOR on manat credits has increased 0,54, and on the dollar has decreased 0.43 percentage.