BCSE and BIST (Borsa İstanbul) signed memorandum of understanding

Wednesday, 3 November 2021


BCSE and BIST signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at developing cooperation in the exchange trading.

The Memorandum stipulates interaction in the sphere of exchange information distribution, exchange of experience in the field of technical infrastructure and post-trading environment, joint events aimed at developing and supporting organized securities markets in both countries.

The signing of the memorandum between BCSE and BIST was the first step in the stock exchange cooperation between Belarus and Turkey.


About BIST

Borsa İstanbul is the only stock exchange in Turkey and it brings together all the exchanges operating in the Turkish capital markets under a single roof. Borsa İstanbul ensures fair and orderly trading of securities, derivatives, precious metals and diamonds as the primary exchange of Turkey. Borsa İstanbul is integrated with post-trade institutions Takasbank (central counterparty – CCP) and MKK (central securities depository). Borsa İstanbul, Takasbank and MKK all together constitute Borsa İstanbul Group. Through its integrated pre-trade, trade and post-trade structures, cutting edge technology and diverse product range, Borsa İstanbul Group provides investors with a modern and highly liquid trading platform based on international standards and best practices.