BCSE Future Outlook 2007

Friday, 26 January 2007

The BCSE will continue the development of its main segments such as futures, stock and currency market.

The BCSE tasks can be summarized as follows:

­         to raise competitive capacity, quality and quantity of services rendered by the BCSE;

­         to increase the efficiency of exchange currency, stock and futures market functioning;

­         to contribute to the effective settlement and clearing system formation, that service main segments of the organized financial market;

­         to provide Belarusian financial market with information transparency;

­         to assist in realization of state investment programs and other projects aimed at  financial markets developing;

­         to promote integration processes between Russian and Belarusian financial systems;

­         to create program and technical infrastructure for electronic documents circulation in the  organized market;

­         to develop own program and technical base, to implement modern computer technologies  into the exchange.


Particularly, the Futures market development implies increasing the range of futures market, introducing commodity and interest futures and options quotations. The Stock market development implies introducing new Rules for securities trades defining conditions and order of conducting transactions with all kinds of securities at the BCSE, their program and technical realization,  Internet trading development, working out an automated system Listing.

The Currency market development implies trading modes increase («double auction», «call (forward) transactions»), organizing SWAP market and conversion operations. Information products and technological development implies improving of the information systems, program and technical, and telecommunication infrastructures, creation of a reserve computer center, introducing systems of cryptographic information security and electronic documentation circulation.