BCSE: On Opening Ceremony Of Financial Literacy Week

Monday, 18 March 2024


From March 18 to 24, 2024, the Financial Literacy Week for Children and Youth is held in Belarus – an annual campaign aimed at increasing children and youth’s awareness of finances.

The coordinator of the information campaign is traditionally the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. The main theme of this year’s Week is Personal Finance with a Quality Mark.

Traditionally, the opening ceremony was held at the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange on March 18, 2024. At 10 a.m. with the symbolic strike of the BCSE bell, students from Minsk gymnasium No. 43 and secondary school No. 165 launched various educational events in the country on financial literacy for the younger generation.

Over 250 schools from 73 districts covering all regions of Belarus – from the capital to regional centers, agricultural towns and villages – simultaneously took part in the ceremony, which was organized in a hybrid format.

Andrey Aukhimenya, the BCSE Chairman of the Board, and Yulia Sakovich, the Head of the Financial Literacy Department of the Information and Public Relations Department of the National Bank, addressed the children with their welcoming speeches.

BCSE employees introduced schoolchildren to exchange instruments, talked about how to determine financial goals, keep track of income and expenses, draw up a personal financial plan, form a financial reserve, how to competently manage financial risks and to avoid fraud. During the open lesson, schoolchildren took an active part in a quiz organized by representatives of the National Bank. To consolidate the acquired knowledge, the event ended with an auction, during which students “purchased” valuable prizes for the symbolic “financial literacy currency” earned by answering the correct questions during the quiz.

The knowledge gained by the children during this lesson will become the basis for the formation of knowledge and financial planning skills that will help them use financial instruments efficiently in adulthood.

ONT and STV channels reports on the opening ceremony on the BCSE YouTube channel (available in Russian).

Report about the ceremony on the BELTA website (available in Russian).