Belavtodor’s shares are included into the BCSE Quotation List of Level 2

Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Belavtodor became the first state-owned joint-stock company which shares were listed and admitted to trading on the BCSE listing platform “Market for State Enterprises”.

Including Belavtodor’s shares into the BCSE Quotation List of Level 2 will enlarge its investors’ portfolio and increase investment attractiveness to its securities. According to Belavtodor’s balance sheet of December 31, 2019, the company’s equity is estimated at BYN 134.4 million.

The State Property Committee decided to include Belavtodor’s shares into the BCSE Quotation List in February this year as a one of the priority tasks announced at the official meeting of the Council of Ministers.

It should be noted that in May 2020 the BCSE developed and approved new Listing Rules stipulating new admission structure that implies Market for State Enterprises, SME Market, Innovation Market.

The State Property Committee plans to include Belresursy’s shares into the BCSE Quotation Lists.

The listing procedure is carried out in accordance with the BCSE Listing Rules, as agreed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus and approved by the BCSE Board (Minutes No. 25 as of May 14, 2020).

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