Belgrade SE 2007 Future Outlook

Friday, 15 December 2006

In 2007 Belgrade SE has the following plans:

Streaming the development of the Serbian capital market demands with a constant eye on the worlds practice in this area, with an accent on regional standards, and only afterwards followed by the definition of domestic circumstances and for optimal harmonization. Special attention is going to be paid to trends regarding the regulation, as well as the application of contemporary IT solutions.


As the pressure of lifting the efficiency of business operations and reducing costs per transaction is constantly present, the Belgrade SE actively approached to the Project of redesigning the trading system and introducing the standard electronic communication protocol between market participants. The Belgrade SE opted for the FIX Protocol, to be set as the standard for the data exchange in trading on the worlds exchanges.


Special activities are going to be undertaken in terms of stimulating companies to accept the advantages of higher level listings. Development of corporate governance is an integral part of activities and closely related to the Exchange listings and development of the securities industry in Serbia.


The Exchange will proceed with the Project on developing financial derivatives, based on well known and used standards in this area.  


The Belgrade SE set its targets to aim towards upgrading the reporting process, organizing educational courses, and it will continue its active engagement in specialized working bodies with the intention to join international flows.