Thursday, 14 January 2010


In 2010 the BSE will work on the execution of the following projects:

• Upgrading of all operations, rules and procedures to provide state-of-art service;
• Introduction of the electronic order routing in the BSE trading system, BELEXFIX;
• Launching of modern BSE Disaster recovery site;
• Organization of international roadshows;
• Further development of the existing indexes and indicators;
• Continuous motivation of the best Serbian companies to apply for Official Listing;
• Further development of market segmentation by creating new segments and improving the existing ones;
• Development of sector classification in line with the leading global standards;
• Market liquidity boosting through automation of the market-making function;
• Exploring the possibilities of introducing new instruments into the market;
• Promotion of news on listed companies through direct cooperation with media and news agencies;
•  A reduction in the transaction costs and taxes in cooperation with other capital market institutions and state bodies;
• Broadening the network of international data vendors;
• Work on promotion of importance of corporate governance among issuers;
• Educational activities with the existing and new training programs;
• Improvement of media coverage of stock exchange activities;
• Editing and publishing of new editions and publications;
• Work on developing human resources;
• Organization of the annual 9th International Conference in November.