Belgrade Stock Exchange establishing the calendar of trading sessions

Monday, 4 January 2010

04/2 No. 3014/09
Pursuant to article 53. paragraph 1. item 7. of the Contract of Organization of the Belgrade Stock Exchange
a.d. Belgrade and for the purpose of compliance with the Law on Business Companies (No. of Exchange:
04/1 1395 1/09, business cert. number at the IV Municipal Court III Cert. no. 954/09, hereinafter:
Memorandum of Association), the Board of Directors of the Belgrade Stock Exchange a.d. Belgrade, at the
XIV/09 meeting held on 18.12.2009, passed the following
on establishing the calendar of trading sessions
FOR 2010
Article 1.
In 2010 – as of 11. January 2010.
TRADING SESSIONS are organized every working day of the Exchange, except on the days of public holidays
of the Republic of Serbia and religious holidays which are celebrated as non working days, therefore:
Trading sessions in 2010 are not organized on the following holiday days:
date weekday holiday
15. February
Sretenje – Serbian Statehood Day
2. and 5. April Friday and Monday Easter Holidays
starting from Good Friday up to and including the second day of
3. May Monday May Day
/1. and 2. May fall on weekend, therefore the holiday falling
on Sunday is celebrated on the next first working day – 3.
INDIVIDUAL TRADING SESSIONS for a particular market and/or security, within the trading session referred
to in item 1 of this article, are organized in the period from 9:00 to 14:00.
CONFIRMATION OF A BLOCK TRANSACTION by the buyer’s broker in line with the Exchange rules must be
provided no later than 13:00 at the same trading session at which the buyer’s broker initiated the block