Boursa Kuwait Announces Second Phase of Market Development

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Kuwait, April 1
2018: Boursa Kuwait announces that the second phase of market
development, which encompasses transformational changes such as a three-tiered, segmented
market, the introduction of new market-capitalized indices and circuit breakers on securities
and indices to curb volatility, as well as entirely new listing requirements has begun on Sunday,
April 1, 2018.
This phase will mark a milestone within Boursa Kuwait’s mission to to develop a liquid, reliable
and sound capital market providing issuers with efficient access to capital, and investors with
diverse return opportunities, which is set to see Boursa Kuwait fortify its position as a leading
regional exchange.
The new market segmentation is a particularly major step, creating a Premier, a Main and an
Auction market, each with unique characteristics and obligations. Boursa Kuwait will also
introduce new market-capitalized indices, which represent the segmented markets. All
sectorial indices will be reset to reflect the start of the new markets.