Boursa Kuwait Reinforces Commitment to National Economy’s Development with Participation in Economic Forum in Kuwait

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Boursa Kuwait has participated in the first Economic Forum in Kuwait,
highlighting the company’s sustained commitment to contribute to the growth and development of the
national economy. Khaled Abdulrazzaq AlKhaled, Chief Executive Officer, Boursa Kuwait, was invited as
the keynote speaker at the opening session of the forum.
In his speech at the forum hosted under the theme, ‘Securities Markets Empowerment’, AlKhaled
highlighted the importance of stock markets in shaping the economies of countries around the world. He
also explored why capital markets are a central part of the banking system and regarded as a platform for
the public and private sectors to participate in the economic development process and create employment
opportunities for youth.
“Our participation in the Economic Forum enables us to gain deeper insights into the impact of new capital
markets regulatory reform in Kuwait. The forum discussed the effects of the latest legislation on local and
regional companies and explored how the new laws will help create an attractive environment for local
and foreign investors,” said Khaled Abdulrazzaq AlKhaled, Chief Executive Officer, Boursa Kuwait. “In
addition, the forum shed light on the role of local stock exchanges in the GCC countries and the wider
region under the visions of decision makers in transforming capital cities into financial centers,
strengthening the private sector, and increasing its contribution to GDP. The event also provided us with
an excellent opportunity to tackle challenges facing us as we strive to take our stock market to the global
level, which in turn will promote the economic growth of Kuwait.”
AlKhaled said that Boursa Kuwait has been playing a vital role in supporting the ambitious ‘Kuwait 2035’
strategy to establish the country as a regional financial center. He also stressed that the stock exchange
has come a long way to strengthen its position as an attractive platform for issuers at the regional level
by expanding the investor base, increasing and diversifying products, and improving the business
environment to match the highest international standards.
Furthermore, in his speech, AlKhaled highlighted the outstanding achievements of Boursa Kuwait over the
past years that contributed in restoring investor confidence following the global financial crisis of 2008,
which negatively impacted capital markets in the region. In addition, he shed light on the company’s third
phase of the market development plans, in which Boursa Kuwait seeks to introduce a number of new
products, such as short selling, margin trading, REITs, and over-the-counter (OTC) market, among many
The agenda of the Economic Forum included discussions on several topics, including the impact of Basel
III standards on regional banks, as well as the importance of listing on stock exchanges and how companies
benefit from this to achieve profits and increase growth.