Thursday, 7 February 2013


In 2013 the BSE will focus on the following activities:

• Promoting of IPO and listing opportunities for Serbian non-listed companies;
• Boosting of the market-making function;
• Improvement of educational activities and programs for citizens and students from Universities in Serbia;
• Organization of roadshows for domestic and international investors;
• Further development of the existing indexes and indicators;
• Exploring the possibilities of introducing new instruments into the market;
• Broadening the network of international data vendors;
• Organization of specialized seminars about IR and corporate government for companies in Serbia;
• Improvement of media coverage of stock exchange activities;
• Editing and publishing the new version of monthly Bulletin as well as the new edition of publication “Introduction to the stock market operations”;
• Improving and widening the base of companies and institutions that will be involved in granting the award for the best IR practice in Serbia;
• Survey of market participants about their needs and proposals for improving of the performance of the Serbian capital market;
• Organization of the 12th International Conference in November;
• Modification of the BelexFIX system according EU standards (new project, Luxembourg Government donation);
• Work on developing it’s human resources.