Bucharest SE Future Outlook

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

BVB projects for 2011:
  • Improve the market infrastructure with mix account system (global and individual) and short selling on companies included in BET, BET-FI and ROTX indices
  • Increase the role of corporate governancein the capital market
  • Develop new products and services in cooperation with other institutions (energy derivatives, ETFs, CO2 certificates, treasury certificates, REITs)
  • Include BVB in the international flow of the financial products and services, by trading foreign shares
  • Attract new issuers for the regulated market in partnership with brokerage houses
  • Develop the market infrastructure in order to align trading and post-trading activities to the international standards
  • Support the projects initiated by the Government regarding the sale through BVB of different share packages in state owned companies.
Romanian Government projects 2011
       Listing of Fondul Proprietatea (Romanian Property Fund) expected on 25th of January 2011
FP is a closed end fund, created with the purpose of indemnification of the persons whose properties were abusively confiscated by the communists during the last regime, properties which, at present, can’t be physically reimbursed.
Fund hold shares in more than 80 companies, mainly in the Romanian energy sector
NAV of €3,15 bn. as for the end of October 2010
       SPO for Petrom expected in Q2 2010
Petrom is the largest producer of oil and gas in SEE, is part of OMV Group and listed on BVB since 2004. The company registered continued growth in the last years and has a market cap of €4.4 bn. Current free float is 8.24 % and will be extended by 9.84%.
       SPO for Transgaz expected in H2 2010
Transgaz is the national operator for gas transport and is listed on BVB since 2008, after a successful IPO. Transgaz has a market cap of €701m. Current free float is11.5% and will be extended by 15%.
       SPO for Transelectrica expected in H2 2010
Transelectrica is the national operator for energy transport and is listed on BVB since 2006, after an successful IPO. Transelectrica has a market cap of €303m. Current free float is 12.8 % and will be extended by 15%.