Bucharest Stock Exchange and ten other capital market representatives establish the Romanian Investor Relations Association – ARIR

Monday, 19 November 2018

11 capital market representatives, companies and private individuals, founded the Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) aiming to implement best practices of communication with investors by the Romanian listed companies.
Companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), those with potential to become listed companies jointly with funds managers and Investor Relations (IR) professionals founded the Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR). The founding members are BVB, ALRO, Franklin Templeton Management Ltd UK Bucharest Branch, Electromagnetica, Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Teraplast, Transelectrica, Daniela Serban, Cosmin Raduta and Tony Romani.

ARIR is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that was set-up to provide current and potential issuers a platform for the development of Investor Relations (IR) professionals and contribute to implementing best practices in investor communication and corporate governance. Following the set-up of the association, new members – listed or to be listed companies, as well as IR specialists – are invited to join ARIR, for a higher degree of representativeness and impact on the capital market community.

“I am glad to see listed companies and those potentially able to become public companies, together with outstanding professionals adhere to this initiative, which BVB endorsed from inception. Enhanced transparency from listed companies meets investors’ demands, whether they are international or local, institutional or individual. A better understanding of a company’s business activity and strategy may have an impact on the valuations,” said Adrian Tanase, CEO of BVB and member of the ARIR Board of Directors.

“Implementing IR best practices means increasing the transparency of listed companies by improving investor communication techniques, using new tools and innovation in the field. All these are indicators valued by investors and influence their perception related to issuers or potential issuers. The opportunity of such a project comes as a result of the enhanced visibility the Romanian capital market has enjoyed internationally in recent years, the recent listings of private companies and the increasingly frequent interaction between investors and local companies,” stated Daniela Serban, President of ARIR.

The public affairs company McGuire Woods Consulting and the law firm PeliFilip supported this project.

ARIR was set-up due to the efforts of IR professionals within listed companies, companies with potential to become listed companies, fund managers, and within consultancy companies in the IR domain. In this way, IR professionals will contribute to developing and implementing best practices in investor communication, increasing transparency of listed companies and compliance with corporate governance principles in order to provide investors and shareholders with key elements needed for an informed investment decision.

The activity of the Association will follow 5 key strategic directions having the following objectives:

1.Evaluation – Assessment of investors’ perception related to listed companies
2.Presentation – Improvement of companies’ presentation
3.Regulations – Monitoring the legislative framework and supporting members’ opinions
4.Communication – Strengthening links with investor and analyst communities
5.Recognition – Promoting companies that implement best practices

The founding members have appointed the following Board of Directors: Daniela Serban, President – Independent (McGuireWoods), Adrian Tanase (Bucharest Stock Exchange), Ioana Birsu (Franklin Templeton), Viorel Vasiu (Transelectrica) and Tony Romani – Independent (Electrogrup).
ARIR also aims to become a platform for listed companies to recruit Investor Relations employees.