Bucharest Stock Exchange kicks off 2022 with a new all-time high. Over 16000 trades performed in a single day

Wednesday, 16 February 2022


  • Investors set a new trading record on January 25th on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) in terms of the number of transactions: over 16,100 orders made in a single day.
  • Transactions with shares listed on the Regulated Market increased by 158% compared to January of the previous year and exceeded RON 2 billion, the equivalent of EUR 400 million.
  • The Romanian capital market closed the first month of the year in positive territory: + 1% for BET and + 1.6% for BET-TR, the index that includes dividends.

Radu Hanga, BVB President:

  • We had a strong start in 2022 after the capital market reported several records last year. The very good results we get are due to the actions taken by all stakeholders involved in the capital market. It is the merit of all market participants united around BVB because together we have made possible an unprecedented series of performances.
  • We are presented ahead with many opportunities, but also with corresponding challenges. Romania has the chance to position itself as a landmark of stability in the region and to be an attractive destination for capital sources. In addition, the Romanian capital market is ready to face any challenges and has demonstrated this on multiple occasions.

Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO:

  • We are glad that one of the priorities for 2022 that we announced last month has already received the approval of the Romanian Senate, and the project is to be debated by the Chamber of Deputies. Simplifying fiscal procedures for individual investors by introducing the withholding tax system for capital gains will facilitate Romanians’ access to the capital market.
  • We have the historic opportunity to carry out this year one of the most ambitious national projects dedicated to the capital market, that of the Central Counterparty. We have a unique opportunity to build together a Romanian project, which will substantially develop the Romanian capital market. In a challenging international context, we welcome the involvement of all stakeholders in this project of unity and construction.

The volatility in the international markets also spilled over to the Romanian capital market in January, and the investment activity intensified against the backdrop of the escalation of the international uncertainties. The factors that decisively influenced the capital markets in January included an update in the investment strategies after a record-breaking 2021, which resulted in a recalibration of previously held positions by investors, an escalation of events on the tense situation in Ukraine, and a reanalysis of investors’ expectations regarding an increased inflation rate and the anticipation of the central banks’ direction to increase the key interest rate.

The Romanian capital market aligned in January to these trends, which led to record increases in some liquidity parameters of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). In this regard, the number of transactions reached a new all-time high in the trading session from January 25th, when 16,106 transactions were made with all types of financial instruments listed on the Regulated Market and the Multilateral Trading System. It was for the first time that the threshold of 16,000 transactions per day was exceeded. The previous record had been set in the trading session from August 24, 2015, with 15,981 transactions. Table 1 shows the ranking of trading sessions according to the number of daily transactions.

More: https://www.bvb.ro/AboutUs/MediaCenter/PressItem.aspx?id=5579