Bulgarian SE 2007 Future Outlook

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange will have to cope with new challenges in 2007 arising from Bulgarias EU entry on January 1st. As all other capital market institutions, the BSE will also have to fully comply and harmonize its Rules & Regulations with the European legal standards.

It is expected that many European investment funds will show interest in the Bulgarian stock market, which is good for the business as a whole.


In January 2007 the new electronic information disclosure system EXTREE will be launched. It was developed by the BSEs software experts and will be the first operational system of this kind in Central&Eastern Europe.


Attracting new listings will remain a major goal for the Exchange.  A series of road-shows and regional roundtable discussions on the benefits of being a publicly traded company will be organized in 2007.


A new segment on the BSE   for small and medium sized companies – is in the planning. The work has advanced and there are good chances that by the end of the year to have the contours of this segment.


Work will also continue on the preparation for the launching of a derivatives market a goal the BSE hopes to reach in 1-2 years.