Central Securities Depository of Iran Unveils New Brand Identity at FINEX 2023

Monday, 12 June 2023


Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) has recently undergone a re-branding project, unveiling its renewed brand identity at FINEX 2023 in Tehran. The primary objectives of this project were to elevate CSDI’s market position, improve customer perceptions, and enhance the overall brand strategy, while ensuring a consistent, cohesive, and impactful brand identity across all communication channels.

To begin the re-branding project, CSDI conducted an analysis of its existing brand and market position, which uncovered minor inconsistencies across its communication channels. Based on these findings, CSDI developed a renewed brand identity that captures its core values and mission, conveying true personality to the audience and reinforcing its commitment to providing secure financial services.

The new brand identity features a new logo, color palette, typography, and imagery that emphasize simplicity and clarity, resulting in a more impactful visual identity. By establishing a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all communications, CSDI aims to enhance its market position and reputation while improving customer perception and engagement.

The unveiling of the new brand identity at FINEX 2023 marked a significant milestone for CSDI, signifying the beginning of a new era for the company. The new brand identity was met with enthusiastic reception from attendees and garnered positive feedback from the media. With its updated design and messaging, the new brand identity accurately reflects CSDI’s values and mission, ultimately enhancing its reputation and visibility within the Iranian capital market.

The seamless execution of the re-branding project highlights CSDI’s unwavering dedication to repositioning its brand, tracking its market position, customer perceptions, and brand strategy. By establishing a more consistent and cohesive brand identity across all communications, CSDI is poised to solidify its reputation as a prominent player in the Iranian capital market, elevating its profile and enhancing its overall brand recognition.