CSDI Newsletter, Volume 33 – Winter 2022

Tuesday, 12 April 2022


CSDI has released its quarterly newsletter for winter 2022 covering the period from 21 December 2021, to 20 March 2022.
As well as news about the latest CSDI events, the Volume 33 (Winter 2022) features articles about new developments and statistics.
Contents include:
·         Changes in Management, New VPs and Directors at CSDI
·         New High Records in Dividend Distribution via CIGS
·         Opening Exclusively Customized Portfolios Faster than Ever
·         Iran’s Giant Football Clubs’ IPO Shatters Records in Capital Market
·         Chief Operating Officer: Almost 1650 Symbols Added to CSDI Post-Trade System in Q1 2022
Click here: https://en.csdiran.ir/files/shares/Media/Publication/Newsletter/2022/Newsletter-Winter%202022.pdf