CSDIs B.O.D Election

Monday, 26 December 2011

Following CSDI's extraordinary general meeting held on October 29,2011, the legal entities forming the Board of Directors were appointed. In the B.O.D meeting held on December 14, 2011, representatives of each legal entity were introduced as follows: 1- Mr. B. Taherianfar on SEO behalf appointed as B.O.D Chairman 2- Mr. M.R. Rahbar on TSE behalf appointed as vice chairman 3- Mr. A.R Lagzaei on Mellat Bank behalf appointed as member of B.O.D 4- Mr. A.R Hajinorouzi on TSETMC behalf appointed as the responsible member of B.O.D 5- Mr. Hamed Soltaninejad on SENA behalf appointed as B.O.D member and CSDI President