Damascus Securities Exchange Future Outlook

Thursday, 17 February 2011

       The Exchange is improving its strategies in the awareness through diversifying and publishing information and by taking part in conferences, lectures, exhibitions that aims to give an introduction regarding the Exchange.
       modifying in the rules and regulations issued by the Exchange according to the local and regional economic changes, suggesting the necessary rules and regulations where suitable and give opinions to the concerned legislative bodies to improve the work process in the exchange, to reach integrated legislative system indoors and outdoors of the exchange and to ensure high efficiency in the work process of the exchange.
       The exchange continuously improves the necessary electronic system which is required for the work process at the Exchange , which there by provides qualitative services regarding the publication of all the information and simplify the work process in the Exchange for all the investors , brokerage firms , and listed companies in the Exchange . The Exchange is working on setting up an alternative information database so that it would preserve its information and a link would be established between the current temporary building and the permanent building.
       Increasing the number of sessions to 5 sessions per week, 5 days a week.
       Co-operating with reginal and national Exchanges and Organizations that relate to securities Exchanges.