De-Listing of Futures Contracts Due to the Merger between TurkDEX and Borsa İstanbul VIOP

Monday, 8 July 2013

TurkDEX and Borsa Istanbul Futures and Options Market (VIOP) will be merging. Due to this merger the contracts listed below will not be opened for trading on VIOP.
•2005/24 TurkDEX-BIST 100 Index Futures Contract,
•2010/124 TurkDEX-BIST 30-100 Index Spread Futures Contract,
•2009/97 Physically Delivered TurkDEX-TRYUSDollar Futures Contract,
•2009/98 Physically Delivered TurkDEX-TRYEuro Futures Contract,
•2006/33 TurkDEX-T-Benchmark Futures Contract,
•2011/148 Physically Deliverable TurkDEX-Live Cattle Futures Contract.

Within this scope no new contract series will be listed for the above mentioned underlying assets as of 01.07.2013. The contract months of the relevant assets without any open positions will be closed as of 28.06.2013.